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  • invincibleasian
    01-31 06:18 PM
    Well excuse me, but people having queries other than the reason why this thread was started, please create a new thread.
    Sorry to say so, but my query for travel has been sidelined because of other issues.
    thanks in advance for your cooperation.
    Dude quit hogging any thread!

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  • kandhu
    06-10 04:55 PM

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  • dhesha
    03-20 11:54 AM

    Can we all file a combined group problem here?

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  • Chiwere
    02-13 04:04 PM
    His views are distorted.

    Can Americans go to India on H1B or similar visa to get work? No? Well, so think about it.

    Skilled immigrant not mucho good googling....:D

    The Indian Consulate, New York, provides information on the relevant
    Visas. It appears you will have to apply for an Employment Visa. There
    is detailed information on the page and a Visa Application Form. I
    note there is also a Journalists Visa which is for three months. I
    don?t know if this is applicable to your situation.

    This is some of the relevant information.

    EMPLOYMENT VISA: Employment visas are initially issued for one-year
    stay. A copy of the contract with the employer has to be enclosed.
    Kindly note that Employment Visa is given only for jobs that require
    very high level of skills and expertise. This can be extended by
    Foreigners Regional Registration Office in India, if the job contract
    continues. Spouses and children are granted co-terminus entry visas on


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  • frostrated
    09-09 04:20 PM
    I have read so many posts in the past where senior members have clearly said that their is nothing possible for EB3 alone and if something is possible it would be for EB.
    (as per calculator, I am going to get my GC in 2030) Would contribution of all EB3 help them in any way?

    Contributing money will not help, but contributing time and effort will go a long way in alleviating the pain that IV members are going through.
    Make it a point to talk to the senators and representatives. They will have meet and greets every now and then. Go to those meetings. Set up appointments with them. Educate them.
    If not, there is not going to be any CIR, and all the money that you send to IV will be a donation to IV, and that is all it is to it.

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  • lkapildev
    02-20 03:37 PM
    Dude. I am *so* not Ron Gotcher. :)

    He was rushing and didn't give me any specifics for EB-3 India.

    You should respect his opnion & valuable comments. WHatever he says make senes. I belive him.


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  • jonty_11
    07-11 01:15 PM
    again no one can explain the ridiculous date movements by DOS...so there can be no reason for this..Its just that someone saw numbers being wasted...and they randomly applied them to EB2...Now as for getting approvals for all those that are current now...forget it ...since that is USCIS and that is a whole different Animal (a lazy one!!)

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  • NKR
    03-16 09:25 PM
    i just don't see what the fuss is about. people from india usually waited 5-6 years for a GC historically, and it's about the same, give or take one year, even now. so i don't see why 4 years of wait after i-485 is being made out to be such a big deal only NOW.......????

    It's like asking Martin Luther King a few decades ago "Slavery has been there for centuries, why do you need equality now?". Your tone is exactly like that. It's just an analogy, we have definitely not suffered as much, but I am just trying to tell you that a wrong should not be prolonged, it needs to be corrected.


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  • amrutasanjiv8
    12-21 10:30 PM
    Hi ,

    I have H1B from my current company A. My fiance is having no visa so he is in India. He is in IT hardware field.....

    Also I am currently searching for jobs in IT hardware field in USA but as he is not in USA so no luck till now.....
    1) I am thinking of bringing him in USA after marriage on H4...the reason is it seems to be very difficult to find job in USA from India with H1 sponsorship ...As I have H1 , my fiance can have H4....On H4 he can not work in USA or apply for jobs in USA....plz confirm...

    2) So I am thinking of changing H1 to L1 by changing my current job .....Can I ask my new employer to sponsor L1.....or shud I ask my present employer to sponsor L1....what will be good for us?

    3) how much time H4 processing takes?

    3) If I get L1 from new/existing employer then will H4 of my dependent will get changed to L2?

    4) How much time does it take to process L1 and L2...

    5) Can a person on L1 change job in USA?

    kindly let me know your views as it is very much urgent .......


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  • Googler
    04-23 06:32 PM

    Opened my email this morning to see the card production ordered email (time stamp in my inbox reads 2:15 am PST 4/23/08); the approval date was 4/23/08.

    Been in meetings all day so not even a chance to call anyone about it.


    Good luck to all my fellow sufferers!



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  • gcsim
    12-10 09:28 AM
    what r these guys playing immigration-immigration with us.

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  • GCcomesoon
    03-06 11:33 AM

    So what do we have coming in April bulletin ? I'm not discussing any predictions here but based on some information found on the web & in different forums , it looks like Eb2 might move ? Does anyone agree to the logic for this movement ? Is there any movement expected for EB3 - India , because with the Name check gone & some old cases getting approved , shouldn't the EB3 dates move forward ?



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  • pmamp
    07-05 01:56 PM
    In the time it took you to write all this up, mayb you coudl have enlightened a senator or two...



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  • babu123
    07-13 01:36 PM
    What Murthy did is right job. We should not blame her as she did it lately.
    I am not her client.
    There are so many lawyers in US, But none of them wrote letter to USCIS.

    This is not the time to blame her. This is the time to unite with her and do protest. Remember she is asking on our behalf.


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  • Mr. Brown
    03-10 04:29 PM
    I strongly suggest that we focus our time and efforts on a single and achievable target in this calendar year 2009.
    Recapturing unused visa numbers from the last two decades would help us eliminate the retrogression issue. Other changes like Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Eliminating per country limits etc would require a leap of faith in the political process and it is unlikely to be achieved in this calendar year. The economy, unemployment rates, health care etc are bound to dominate the legislative agenda this year.

    I suggest writing a petition or letter to the White House and the administrative offices strongly urging them to recapture the unused visa numbers.
    I think we should follow the KISS ("Keep it Simple, Stupid") Principle to achieve this target.
    If we add any other immigration provisions, it would increase the complexity of the legislation and it is bound to fail.
    Could the administrators of this forum please consider my suggestion of focusing on recapturing the visa numbers and assign this task the highest priority.

    By re-capturing the visa numbers, we are not asking for any change in the immigration laws. We are simply asking to use the visa numbers that had been lost due to inefficient processing by the USCIS.

    Let us start preparing a petition and create a dedicated fund to achieve this goal of visa number recapturing.

    Thank you.
    Great thought about being focussed on one topic that doesn't even need a "reform"!Simplest solution to the retrogression problem I have heard so far.

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  • drirshad
    07-04 09:35 PM

    07/04/2007: Status and Issues Involving July 2007 485 Fiasco

    * The AILF work on the lawsuit appears to be in progress without any hurdles. It has reported that enough candidates have come forward to participate in the lawsuit as the plaintiffs and it does not need any more candidates to move forward for the lawsuit. Some of other people are likely to be covered as members of the class action regardless of their actual participation in the lawsuit. People should send "THANK YOU" to the AILF Legal Action Center leaders and the attorneys who are actually working on this case. Some contribution to the AILF may be more than appropriate. Please visit the AILF site to learn how they can send in contribution.

    # We have been asked by the readers to report the alleged conspiracy theory. We declined to do it. However, people may want to know potential issues that should be answered and explored. We will discuss these issues on following hypotehtical premises:

    * Presumption of Facts: (1) The I-485 applications have been experiencing a tremendous backlog lately. (2) The causes for the backlog have been known to be delays in the security checks. Some of these applicants have sought a relief in federal courts in the form of mandamus actions. (3) Allegedly, the USCIS pull together local and Service Center employees and pull out pending I-485 cases which were older than six months in backlog, working overtime and during the weekend right before July 1, 2007. This is an assumption at this point. (4) As evidenced by the revised Visa Bulletin, apparently these employees contacted "en mass" the DOS to request the visa numbers for these pending I-485 cases, which the DOS reported in the release of the revised VB turned out exceeding 60,000. (5) The rule requires that the USCIS approves I-485 cases "prior to" to contacting and requesting a visa number. (6) The current USCIS policy and procedure also require that I-485 applications be adjudicated and approved "only after" the completion of clearance of the security checks.

    * Issue I: Hypothetically, what happens if the USCIS takes out the visa number before they obtain the security clearace?
    o Answer I: Obviously it would violate the rules and the laws.
    o Answer II: It will constitue a serious security lapse, compromising the homeland security.
    * Issue II: Hypothetically, what hppens if the USCIS requests and takes out the visa numbers prior to adjudication and approval of the pending I-485 applications?
    o Answer I: It is evident that the USCIS would violate the rules and the laws.
    o Answer II: There could be two probable consequences affecting the backlog I-485 applicants and the new July Visa Bulletin eligible I-485 applicants, shoud the hypothetical facts develop. (1) The backlog I-485 applicants who have been issued I-485 approval notices should not be affected by the fiasco, albeit the potential revocation of the I-485 approvals. In most cases, revocation of the approved I-485 requires the time-consuming immigration court proceedings, assuming that the USCIS has a sufficient cause of action which may be questionable in this case. (2) The backlog I-485 applicants who have yet to receive the approval notice and the USCIS has yet to adjudicate and approve the application might be vulnerable in that the USCIS might be required to return the visa numbers for these cases as there was an error. Hypothetically, these numbers could be returned to the State Department and based on these returned number, the State Department might be required to revise the July Visa Bulletin again.


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  • seeker999
    08-11 03:11 PM
    Based on the members in competeamerica . I honestly believe they will give a damn about GC. Simple reason is they will loose their reigns on us.

    More practical is someone in IV EB3 talk to some lobbyist or politcians and figureout how to push this. Especially the ones in DC.

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  • alisa
    01-20 02:15 AM
    You guys (from India) are in a really really terrible situation.

    First column shows the year. Second one estimates applicants for GC from India. Third (Years to Clear) one divides backlog by 10000 to estimate the number of years needed too clear that backlog, assuming 10000 visa numbers released per year. Fourth (Year cleared) adds that number to the Year column to give the year you can get your GC. Finally, assuming that AC21 added a year's worth of supply of visa numbers, a year is taken out from the final estimate.

    Also dependents are not included in the calculations. Send them back.

    Here is how I estimated backlogs. Backlogs for 2001 and 2002 are taken from jungalee43 posting.

    For years 2003 and forward,
    a) 65000 applicants for H-1 assumed
    b) 40 percent of these assumed to be Indians (26000)
    c) 75 % of these 26000 assumed to have applied for and made it past the I-140 stage, i.e. 19500 added annually since 2003.
    d) Each year, 10000 visa numbers allotted to Indians. (Assumption: Indians don't have any dependents. If you want to include dependents, 2001 backlog clears in 2023, and 2006 backlog clears in 2055)

    Here are the results.

    Year Backlog YTC YC AC21
    2001 123194 12.3194 2012 2011
    2002 160274 16.0274 2016 2015
    2003 169774 16.9774 2016 2015
    2004 179274 17.9274 2020 2019
    2005 188774 18.8774 2020 2019
    2006 198274 19.8274 2024 2023
    2007 207774 20.7774 2024 2023
    2008 217274 21.7274 2028 2027
    2009 226774 22.6774 2028 2027
    2010 236274 23.6274 2032 2031

    Feel free to improve on this.

    I had posted this statistics last year on IV. I had done good research to arrive at these figures. I hope the figures will open eyes of people who are bestowed with 'blissful ignorance'.


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  • Jaime
    09-10 02:37 PM
    Hey Andy, yes, join us on the 18th! We can help with your airfare, and even better if you can bring your wife and kids!!!!

    06-25 11:07 AM
    I was working with employer -A till 2006 and got I140 approved (June 2003 priority date) in EB3. In November 2006 I joined employer B as it is good for my carrier. I talk to employer A (body shopper) and he is ready to support for my green card as I worked for him for six long years and still he did not cancel my old H1B. My main aim here is to apply I485 as soon as I can.

    1. I have two options here my old employer (A) is body-shopper. So he will agree for both future or current employment. I have very good permanent job and bright future prospects with new employer (B). In this case what you guys advice me? Apply I485 as future employment or quit present job and join old employer (A) and apply I485 as current employment?

    2. If I do not join old employer (with whom I have I140 approved) now, in this case what are my options for I485 applying? (Only future employment I485/ I can file current employment I485 and not drawing any salary from old employer )

    3. Will I485 as future employment has any problems?

    4. Can I use AC21 after 180 days on my I485 future employment application?

    5. My new employer (B) already applied PERM LC for my GC in EB2 three months back and did not here anything from Atlanta DOL till now. What you guys advice me? Is it worthful to wait for this new EB2 LC or apply I485 as future employment with approved I140-EB3 with priority date June 2003.

    I am in really dilemma and unable to decide. Appreciate your advice in this matter. Thanks in advance to all your replies and wish you best of luck.

    09-10 10:50 AM
    How many posts are required to access chat feature?

    50, it said on the log in screen.
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